Urgent: Slaughter Auction Tomorrow – Help!

The auction we will be attending is tomorrow, and so far we have only raised enough to rescue and shelter 2 horses.  We can rescue 10 (or more) if funding is available.  This auction we are going to usually has over 100 horses.  When you are at the auction and you look into their eyes, seeing their looks of confusion and fear, you just want to save them all.  At the last auction we attended this black horse had such a look of hope in his eyes, hope that we would save him.  Horses know that auctions are a place where their future is decided by a bid: a future of life, or a future of death at a slaughterhouse.  They can smell the fear and terror from the other horses.   Thanks to you, we were able to save this black horse, who was named Dreamer.

When Dreamer arrived at our shelter he looked so sad and bedraggled.  He had so much love to give, it was easy to tell at some point before he ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time he had been loved and cared for by someone.  Once he got to our shelter he was given veterinarian care, dental work, vaccinations, deworming, hoof care, and lots of love.  In no time at all, he was looking like a different horse…

It’s amazing what a month of proper care and love and can for a horse: a complete transformation.  Dreamer is doing great today because someone just like you made a donation to rescue horses from the slaughter pipeline.  Dreamer has a wonderful home lined up too!

The same auction Dreamer was rescued at is happening tomorrow, and without your support, we will have to say “No, we’re sorry we can’t help you” to horses just like Dreamer.  Please don’t make us tell them no: donate today.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to help us rescue horses from slaughter.  Every donation really helps, every dollar helps more than you can imagine!

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