Vet Days and Lots of Adoptions

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We brought 3 horses and 4 donkeys from the Mississippi 1-Day Open Door Shelter as there was no other adoption placement for them locally.  They are settled in and doing very well.

Two of the donkeys were young jacks that needed to be gelded.  They didn’t know it, but the vet was on his way.

The donkeys are unhandled, so they had to be put into a chute so they could be sedated.  They weren’t too excited about it, but soon drifted off to la-la land.

Before they knew it the operation was over and one by one they woke up.  No doubt they were very confused.  “What just happened?” was probably going through their minds.

Admiral, the really skinny horse rescued from the last auction, got his teeth floated.  The vet gave him a good checkup too, he believes that Admiral should pull through unless he has some undetected damage from being starved so badly.  He’s got a great personality and has a strong will to live.

We had a family come back to our shelter to adopt from us.  We have met them before as a relative adopted from us, they are great adopters and they wanted to add some more precious lives to their family.

A few days later the vet came back out to do more evaluations, dentals, and health checkups.  Pearl was sedated for her examination.  She had an abscess on her shoulder.  The vet believes it is from a kick or something that happened at the auction.  He treated it and she should heal up fine.

She also got her teeth done.

7 horses got their teeth floated, and other medical procedures done.  Captain, seen below, was the last horse seen by the vet that day.

Captain has some blindness in one of his eyes.  The two vets determined that he does have some sight in it, and it’s primarily scar tissue causing blindness from an old injury.

Danny was adopted while the vets were in the quarantine area working with the auction horses.  Danny was rescued from the auction in August.  We are so happy for him!  He is so cute, and now has a great family that will love him.

At the end of the day Kristen loaded up Dreamer, Turkey and Carla to head their new home.  Turkey and Carla came to us through the 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Texas.  The donkeys were the first to unload after the trip, wondering what the future would hold.  Soon they were in a nice pen all to themselves.

Dreamer was unloaded and put in his waiting stall.

The next morning we got a great update from their adoptive family.  “A big Thank You to Kristen for the late hours.  They are settling in nicely.”  Their new family is giving them lots of attention and lots of yummy treats.   We are so happy for them all.

Thank you all for your support that makes these happy new beginnings possible.