In Memory of Pegasus

Many of you may remember the heartbreaking story of Pegasus, the horse that was down in the slaughter truck, that I shared a few months back.  Pegasus’ memory will stay with me the rest of my life, his life was cut short because of the horrors of the slaughter pipeline. If you missed the story of Pegasus, please read this blog entry I wrote about him – Click Here.  

For the Love of All Things (FLOAT) has come together with us to bring you a t-shirt in memory of Pegasus. $8 of every t-shirt will be donated to Horse Plus Humane Society to help us save more horses from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.
Pegasus was a special horse, and I hope his story will be shared far and wide to help bring awareness of horses in the slaughter pipeline.  Please purchase a shirt, and if anyone asks you about the horse on the shirt you can tell them about Pegasus and bring awareness to the reality that over 100,000 horses face each year in the United States. See all the colors and styles available, click here!

I was at an auction, and a slaughter truck, full of horses, had a down horse in it the driver was shocking from the outside trying to get him to stand.  I snuck over to the slaughter truck and took this video (below) of Pegasus. Pegasus was lying there, and there was hardly any life left in him. What happened to Pegasus happens to hundreds of horses in the slaughter pipeline, with your support we can help rescue more horses and save them from the horrible fate that Pegasus endured – purchase your shirt today, and tell his story, click here.

Thank you! Tawnee Preisner

Order your shirt today in memory of Pegasus

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