New staff member, adoptions and more

We are excited to announce that we have a new staff member! Sarah has been a volunteer for over two years. She has gone out on rescue missions to help document abuse, auction rescues and a whole lot more. She has been a great help to our organization over the last years and we are thrilled to have her officially part of our staff.

Sarah is going to be helping with the emails, blog writing, answering phones and a whole lot more. Tawnee has been spending time with her teaching her the ropes of what goes on behind the scenes to help things run smoothly.

Pearl came in through the September auction rescue that we did. She has been waiting for this day for a long time.  She has finally met her new owner and they are both extremely excited to be going home together.

We rescued Dreamer from an auction in August. He now has a loving and forever home and is enjoying all the hay that he can get. You can see the amazing transformation in the photos below., the one on the left is of him the day after the auction and the one on the right is of him now. He is definitely thriving in his new home.

Dreamers family came out to see if there was another horse that they could add to their family. Kristen thought that Lighting Bolt would be a good match. Lightning Bolt is a strong and loving horse. He enjoys watching people and was the perfect match to join Dreamers family.

We are so excited that Lightning Bolt was adopted into such a loving home, he will be transported to his new home soon. Dreamer will soon have a new friend to play with.

We had another family come out to see the horses. This girl enjoyed meeting and riding Celia around, the family is considering adopting her.

Pepperjack had some potential adopters looking at him. He was such a good boy and enjoys following Kristen around. The family decided to put an adoption hold on Pepperjack. We hope that he will be adopted soon.

We had some other things going on while Kristen was showing horses. The volunteers were cleaning out the ditches to make sure that the water keeps running smoothly. With winter coming on we are definitely getting more wet weather.

After digging the ditch out a little bit more Chandler laid out the drainage hose. This will keep the mud down and the water running where its supposed to.

The girls were excited about letting Chandler finish up the ditches and they got to work working with the yearlings. In this photo, Shelby is working with Dodge and is showing him he doesn’t have to be scared of anything. With some reassurance along the way.

Learning to be led can sometimes be challenging for a horse. Chloe did a great job and Sara enjoyed working with her.

Celia was enjoying standing there getting her hair braided by Kristen. It’s always nice to end the day grooming horses and showing them that we love them.

Thank you so much for reading our blog. If you would like to support an animal waiting to be adopted please donate now. There are many other animals like Dreamer and Lighting Bolt that are waiting for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting please contact Kristen at Thank so much for your support.

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