New Arrivals, Farrier Visit, Adoption Update and More

The day started as our team headed off to get the new arrivals that would be coming in. The owners called and asked that we take the horses as they knew they wouldn’t be able to feed them through the winter.  With heavy and sad hearts they knew they had to let them go.

Dance was the first to get loaded up, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go or not.  After a little coaxing he was on board. He seems to be a little shy but with a little love and patience, he will make someone a very sweet horse.

Maggie was next to get loaded up.  She was very nervous about getting in the trailer, even with her friend inside she was reluctant.

After a little “horse talk” with her friend, she decided to come along but was still wondering where they were going.

Little Miss was next, she had never been in a trailer before so wasn’t sure what to think about everything. She needed a little reassurance but was soon ready to go.  She has some serious behavior problems.  She will grab children by their back and send them flying through the air.  She also bites and kicks humans and other animals.

After all of the horses were loaded up, they headed back to the shelter.

After unloading they were happy to see their new pen waiting for them.  Here they are watching all of the other horses and probably exchanging stories.

Maggie loves to get her picture taken.  White horses are always so hard to keep clean.  She rolled as soon as she arrived and became a muddy mess.

The next day Quint, our farrier, came out for a visit and trimmed the horses from the auction.  The last horse he trimmed was Little Miss.  While trimming her front hooves, she jerked away from her handler, swung around, and kicked with both hind legs, striking him in his stomach.  Thankfully he escaped serious injury.  She gave no warning at all, and we are very thankful that our farrier is OK.  The situation could have ended quite differently.

We rescued Soquili from an auction a year ago.  He was a sad, bedraggled stallion that somebody had thrown away.

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We gelded him and kept him at our shelter for awhile to get his testosterone levels down.  When we felt he was ready to be adopted, we found a great home for him.  His family came out to our shelter today to add another horse to their family!  They absolutely love Soquili and gave us this picture of him.  He sure is beautiful!

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Soquili’s family fell in love with Celia.  They had visited her before, and today adoption papers were signed.  Celia will be going into training for 30 days and will be home for Christmas.  We are so happy she has found such a great family, we know she will be well loved and cared for.

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If you are interested in adopting a horse click here.  You can also email Kristen our Adoption Specialist at  We look forward to your email as we believe your Right Horse very likely is at our shelter right now. We are waiving all adoption fees through the holidays – donations with adoptions are greatly appreciated, but our goal is to get the adoptable horses at our shelter a great home for Christmas.  If you are not able to adopt and would still like to help, you can make a donation below. We are truly grateful for people like you and wouldn’t be able to do this without your support.

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