Today is #GivingTuesday – Donations are Doubled!

Today is #GivingTuesday, and your donation will be doubled today! The Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation is matching, dollar for dollar, all donations made through Facebook today, for #givingtuesday, up to $50,000 per nonprofit, up to $2,000,000 total! In addition, Facebook is waiving all donation fees for nonprofits today. The matching grant runs out at $2,000,000, and that is expected to go quickly, so please donate right now.
We are taking this wonderful opportunity to ask for help with capital improvements. Our shelter has no hay barn, and we rely on our hay supplier to store hay for us and deliver it in small quantities throughout the winter. With a hay barn, which will cost about $17,000 for a 36×72, we can purchase a year’s supply of hay at its cheapest, storing it out of the rain and sun. We only need $8,500 in donations through Facebook to make this happen!
Please visit our Facebook page and click on the latest fundraiser post. The matching grant is only valid for $1,000 per donate button, so we will be hiding and re-posting the donate plea. Alternatively, you can visit our Donate page directly on Facebook:  
You can help raise money for Horse Plus Humane Society on your own Facebook page too. Even if you cannot donate, you can help us meet our goal and get our share of the $2,000,000. Just update your status, with something like “Please donate to Horse Plus today, your donation will be doubled!” and when you publish your post, Facebook will ask you which charity you would like to raise money for. It really is that simple! You do have to put the word “donate” or “#donate” so Facebook knows you’re raising money for a charity.  Be sure to make your fundraising post public so others can see your good work!