Auction Rescue Next Week and Rescue Story!

We are planning an auction rescue next week, and I wanted to share the story of a horse we rescued from auction.  Instead of starting at the beginning when we met Bear, I’ll share with you the latest update we got from him and work our way back through his journey with us.

Bear’s adopter, who loves him dearly, sent us a great update about him.  She writes “This is my baby horse I adopted last year from Horse Plus Humane, Ronan (formerly Bear). At 2-3 years old he’s technically not a ‘baby’ anymore, but he’ll always be my baby horse even when he’s grows up and becomes a big boy. I love him! Quite thankful Horse Plus stepped in to save him because I feel like I’ve hit the adoption lottery with him! It’s been so awesome watching him grow and I love working with him in the round pen (when it’s not a winter wonderland outside). He’s incredibly intelligent, loves learning new things, and has a beautiful way of moving. Will keep you guys posted as he grows up! 

When Bear was adopted he settled right in to his beautiful home with his new buddy.  You could see from the look on his face that he was truly happy.

The day that Bear was adopted his new mom was ecstatic.  She smiled so big it brightened everyone’s hearts.  She even brought a new halter for him to wear.

Bear is a very lucky horse.  His story could have been very different.  Instead of loading up into our trailer at the auction yard, he could have loaded up into a different a trailer.  His short life could have ended in tragedy at a slaughterhouse.

But, at that fateful part in his life, we were there for him.  We had the funds to save him because people just like you donated to our auction fund to save horses they may never meet.  Their donation gave us the ability to rescue Bear, and all the other horses rescued from auction, and bring so much happiness to Bear’s adopter.  At the auction you can see the fear and bewilderment in poor Bear’s face.  Auctions are very scary places for horses.  I tried to comfort him and tell him that everything would be OK now.  That auction used tags zip tied onto their halters for identification.

Before we arrived at the auction, Bear had been dropped off by his uncaring owner, left to his fate.  He was standing there with other horses he didn’t know when I first met him, trying his best not to get kicked or bullied.  There were people yelling at him, moving him from one pen to another.  If we had not been there, his story would have been completely different.  He would have been like every other horse at a typical auction, purchased for slaughter, crammed into a kill trailer, and driven over the border.

The auction rescue we are attending next week will have horses just like Bear.  They all have an uncertain future.  Last year we rescued 196 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules from auctions across the United States.  When we are at auctions there are horses that are dumped there by completely heartless owners, horses that are chronically suffering and need the Last Act of Kindness.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to rescue and relieve the chronic suffering of 58 precious lives whose owners did not do the right thing for them.   It is always a terribly hard thing, to meet a horse that has been suffering for a very long time, seeing the pain in their eyes.  We are thankful we are able to relieve their suffering, even though it’s so hard.  Of the 196 rescued from auction, we adopted (or transferred to adoption partners) 124, and the rest are still at our shelter.

The auction rescue program saves so many precious horses just like Bear!  Please donate right now, and make it possible for us to rescue, shelter, rehabilitate, train and adopt into wonderful homes as many as we can at this upcoming auction.

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At the auction when we rescued Bear there was a kill trailer loading up with horses.  I did a short video in front of it.  I wanted to share with you what I go through at these auctions, and how devastating it is to watch horses load up to certain death.  To watch it, click here.

Thank you so much for your support.  I know right now is a hard time to give, just after the holidays, but with the cold weather and snow we are having in TN I’m certain there will be a lot of horses dumped at the auction.  We can only save as many horses as we can responsibly rescue and care for, please donate right now. – Tawnee Preisner

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