The Horse Auction is Tomorrow

The auction is tomorrow and our rescue team is ready to save lives!  Our quarantine pens are empty and waiting, with fresh hay and water waiting for the new arrivals, and the vet is scheduled to come evaluate the horses as soon as possible.  We currently have enough funds to rescue and shelter 13 precious lives.  With your help, we can save even more!  We can only rescue as many horses as funds allow, please help: click here.

I wanted to share with you an update of one of the horses we rescued from the same auction in September.   When we saw him in the auction pen, he was literally nothing but a skeleton.  His skin was stretched tight over his large, emaciated frame.  His eyes were dull and lifeless.

After the auction we were able to get a closer look at him.  We didn’t know if he would make it.  There was nothing left of this big boy we named Admiral.  It’s so hard to see a horse in this condition.

Admiral was lucky.  He had enough life left in him that we were able to save him.  It’s been a long journey for him, and he is not fully rehabilitated yet.  When horses have been starved as bad as Admiral was, it takes a long time for muscle and fat to build back.  He looks a thousand times better today than he did when we rescued him, and he is still enjoying life at the shelter.  We would like to thank Admiral’s sponsors for helping with his care while he is in rehab.

It’s hard to imagine what would have happened to Admiral if we had not been at the auction.  His life would have, no doubt, been completely different.  We believe that he was most likely on a kill truck, and was unloaded at the auction because he could be replaced with a horse healthy enough to make the long trip to Mexico or Canada.  We were able to save Admiral because of donors just like you!

I will do my best to send out an email tomorrow with pictures of the horses at the auction, but auctions are very fast paced, and unpredictable.  I want to thank everyone who has donated, and those that will donate, to change the lives of horses at the auction tomorrow.

Tawnee Preisner – Founder Donate Now

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