2 Rescues and More – Last Week of January

Alaska is a very special horse we rescued at an auction rescue.  When he came to us he had an injury to his neck by his throat, perhaps from another horse biting him.  He had no halter training, so we put him in our special padded squeeze chute for the vet to evaluate and treat his injury.  With some time and rehab he has healed right up, and he is so beautiful.  Kristen, our trainer, has been working with him and he is halter trained now.  He is a 4-year-old gelding.

After snow, deep freezes, rain, and thawing, our round pen was becoming severely muddy.  It was time to get some sand.

A phone call later a 25 ton dump truck was backing up to the round pen.  Unfortunately he went off the road a bit and got stuck just 15 feet from the round pen.  The driver had to lighten his load so he dumped part of the sand.

A quick pull with the tractor and he was able to dump the rest of his load.  It took almost no time at all for our tractor get the sand hauled to the round pen and spread.

Once Jason had spread the sand, Kristen couldn’t wait to work with Alaska.  The sand made working with the horses so much nicer and cleaner.

Fabio had some potential adopters coming out to meet him.  He is such a cute boy that was rescued at an auction.

His adopters were quite happy to meet him, and fell in love with him too.

They were so beautiful working together in the sunset.

The horses at the shelter eat a lot more hay during the winter months while the pasture is dormant.  Thankfully hay is only $50 a round bale.  We can’t wait until our pastures are green all spring, summer and fall once again.

Sarah, our secretary, never misses an opportunity to spend some time with the horses at the shelter.

A team of our staff, Kristen, Sarah and Jason, headed out to assist the local Sheriff with a couple horses that needed help.  When they arrived at the location, a severely emaciated buckskin and her companion greeted them.

She is so skinny!  The owners were not there, so the deputy headed off to find them to make them sign the surrender paperwork.

The horses’ elderly owner had passed away, leaving them to his wife who we were told had no money to feed them.  The Sheriff deputy was able to convince them to sign both of these horses over to us so we can give them the help and food they need.

The very next stop after loading them up was the veterinary office to get them checked over.  Surprisingly they are both in decent condition health wise, and the buckskin just needs groceries.  They do both have terrible hooves from years of neglect.

The next day Jason headed out to pick up a donkey and a mule.  Their owner was no longer able to keep them and was surrendering them to our shelter.  The mule is a 7 year old gelding who is very sensitive about his legs, but is trained to lead.

The little donkey is so absolutely adorable and cute!  He is a 1 1/2 year old jack who needs to be gelded.  He is very well trained and just loves people.

What a cute face!

The shelter is constantly under improvement.  Here Jason is putting a bigger culvert in under the loop driveway that will go in front of the office.

Nearly 10 dump truck loads of gravel have started taming some of the mud at the shelter and improved the roads.

Thank you all for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!

In January we rescued 20 animals, including 15 at a livestock auction, 4 owner surrenders (all of which came in with no financial assistants) and a stray cat.  Please help us continue our mission of mercy!  Donate now.

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