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Hello Everyone,

One of our goals this year is to save horses from auctions every month.  In 2017 We were able to save 196 horses, ponies, mules and donkeys out of auctions!
This month is going to be a very busy month for our team.  On February 25th most of our team will be out in California conducting a 1-Day Open Door shelter for horses.  We already have nearly 50 horses signed up for the 1-Day Open Door Shelter.  Last month we were able to rescue 15 precious lives from this auction.  One had to be given the Last Act of Kindness because it was suffering, and the others are all doing well and almost out of quarantine.

This coming week is the next livestock auction we are planning on attending, and we need your help to save lives.  The auction we will be attending typically has over a hundred horses each week, and nearly all of those horses are sold for the purpose of being slaughtered in Mexico or Canada.  It is so heartbreaking and completely devastating for our team to see young, healthy, adoptable horses load onto slaughter trailers because we can’t save them all.  With your help and the help of your friends and family, we can save as many horses as funds allow.  Please share this post, sharing is the best way to help spread the word.

 Rescuing a horse out of the slaughter pipeline is costly, but rescuing at auction is much cheaper than pulling from a feedlot, and they are just as certain to go to slaughter if not rescued.  For every horse we rescue, it makes a world of difference for them. They go from being thrown away like trash, nobody caring about them other than the price they will bring on the meat market, to cherished and valued once they are rescued. Once they come to our shelter we have a great vet team who evaluates each horse. It is their first step to a bright future as a transition from being a throwaway horse to a valued and loved one.

With your help we can save horses out of this horrendous business the kill buyers profit off of. We can intercept them before they end up at a feedlot, and then shipped to their final destination to be brutally killed.

Thank you all in advance for your donations that will allow us to save precious lives.  We rescue, shelter and adopt into loving homes so many horses because of people just like you who donate what you can, $5 here and $25 there, it all adds up to a large amount that does so much good in the lives of horses! Links for donations are below.

I’m forever grateful to you!

Tawnee Preisner, President & Founder

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