We have enough funds to save 2 horses from auction so far!

Hello Everyone,

I just want to update you about the current auction rescue mission for this coming week.  We currently have enough funds to rescue and shelter 2 horses.  We typically rescue 12-20 horses, and I’m really hoping that we will be able to save at least 10.  

At this auction over a year ago I saw a pen of Thoroughbreds and I went to look at them closer.  All of their upper lips were swollen and I couldn’t tell what was wrong.  Their lips were dark, discolored and painful.  They were Thoroughbreds that had been taken to the auction by the same horse trader who sold a Thoroughbred with a burnt lip to the Stanley Brothers at their Louisiana Kill Pen. To read about that horse, click this link: http://bit.ly/2EivtdJ Every month there are horses from this trader at the auction.  I feel sure that he is the same person who consigned the Thoroughbreds with burnt lips that I saw at this auction over a year ago.  I desperately wanted to save some of the Thoroughbreds, I had never seen horses with burnt lips before, but I was out of funds and I couldn’t save any of them.

We never know what kind of horses we will find at auctions, but I’m asking for your support so we can save as many as we can.

Thank you so much!
Tawnee Preisner, President & Founder
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Horses waiting to be sold at a slaughter auction.

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