Find what happened at our shelter last week!

The auction rescue is tomorrow and so far we only have the funds to rescue and care for 11 horses.  We will be sending out an email tomorrow with more details, but you can be a part of this rescue mission by donating: click here.

On Sunday the 4th we had three horses surrendered at our shelter.  We first saw them in a Facebook plea for help.  It read:

HORSES NEED HOMES!!! PLEASE HELP!! Horses must be re-homed immediately.  Horses are located in Maury County and a trailer will be needed for transportation.  PLEASE NOTE: I’m facilitating a rescue with Owner’s knowledge and permission.  For more information on any or all of these sweet horses, please call or text Noreen.

One of the horses was in terrible condition.   The community really came together, and transportation arrangements were made.  We were happy that we were able to help these 3 precious horses.

Little Bit of Gold was the one in the worst condition.  She had been suffering for quite some time from EPM and DSLD.  The other two were in much better condition, although they needed hoof care, vaccinations and deworming.  We called the vet and an appointment was made for them.

Jason made a video about the three horses while they were being surrendered, to watch the video, click here.

The next day our farrier, Quint, was out trimming.  It was a very cold day, which made it all the harder for him.  He did a great job and got 12 horses all trimmed up.

Tawnee and Sarah loaded up the 3 horses that had been surrendered and Jack, the little donkey who Jason picked up the previous week, and headed to the vet’s office. Jack needed to be gelded and the other 3 needed examinations.

It wasn’t long before little Jack was a gelding and waking up from his operation.  Sarah comforted him and told him that everything was going to be ok, eventually.

The vet evaluated the 3 horses and gave us the sad news that the kindest thing we could do for Little Bit of Gold was to give her the Last Act of Kindness as there is nothing that can be done to relieve her suffering.  You can watch a video of the vet visit and the horses being examined: click here.

Thursday was a very busy day at the shelter.  The weather warmed up and the sun was finally shining after a wet and rainy Tuesday and Wednesday.  There were a lot of potential adopters lined up for Kristen to show horses to.  Jo was doing her best to impress this potential adopter, even posing for this picture.

She enjoyed riding her, but decided it wasn’t the right match.  Jo is such a pretty horse and we know she will find the perfect home soon.

Apache had some surprise kisses from a potential adopter.  His face was a little shocked, but he did his best to impress, and it paid off.  The adopter fell in love with him and transportation arrangements were made.

A family came out to look at our donkeys.  They wanted some long ears.  They fell in love with Jack and Jake, the mule.  It was really special as they came in together and they were being adopted together.  Another family came that wanted to look at the horses, they really liked Beauty and are going to think about adding her to their family.

Friday morning Tawnee and Kristen were loading up the big trailer.  Some of them were being adopted, and some were going into a new off-site adoption placement program we are going to be announcing soon.

Jason and Tawnee headed out on the nice, pleasant drive to the horse’s home.  Kristen was still at the shelter loading up another trailer, she was also delivering animals to their new homes.

Kristen arrived at the adopter’s home and Jake was all ears when he got out of the trailer.

Little Jack was happy too.  He had recovered from being gelded and we know he will be loved and spoiled.

They were let loose in their new pen and trotted off to explore.  We know they are absolutely going to love their new home.  In a month or two it will all turn green and be so beautiful.

Jason and Tawnee arrived at their destination and as they drove back on the 240+ acre farm’s property, Tawnee said “Oh look, we’re being greeted by a camel.”  In 14 years of rescue and sheltering, this is the first time they have been greeted by a camel at an adopter’s home.

Ollie was rescued when he was a youngster from a petting zoo that was getting rid of him because he was getting to big and the kids were scared of him.  Now he has the most perfect home and is very loved and spoiled.

One by one the horses were unloaded at this beautiful farm.

They all started checking out their new pen.  We know these horses are going to get lots of love and attention, and treats every day.

Kristen was still on the road to her last destination.  It was a long drive, but a happy one because she knew that Apache was going to a wonderful home.

Apache’s new mom was so thrilled to welcome him to her home.  Apache will have to get used to all those kisses that his new mom will no doubt shower him within the coming years.  These are our first adoptions of the year.  January was such a bitterly cold month and no one wanted to venture out to adopt.  We are glad spring is just around the corner and more horses will be adopted.

Maverick is enjoying life.  You can see the happiness in his face.  It wasn’t always that way.  When we met Maverick, he was scared and there was no happy look in his eyes.

We met Maverick at an auction last month.  He was skinny and bedraggled looking.  He had been in the slaughter pipeline and came up from Florida according to his Coggin’s papers.  It’s only because of donations from people like you that we were able to intercept him out of the slaughter pipeline and give him a great future.  Because of people like you, he is at our shelter, enjoying life, waiting for his adopters to find him.

Please help us save more horses just like Maverick at tomorrow’s auction.  Please donate right now, your donation is the difference between life or death for horses in the slaughter pipeline.

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