Meet all the horses saved from the auction!

We would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to each and every person who donated to make this Valentine’s auction rescue possible.  The auction was late by the time it was over, so first thing in the morning we were there to pick up the precious ones we had saved.

There was one mule that we saved, he is suffering from what we believe to be acquired Flexural Deformity of the Distal Interphalangeal (Coffin) Joint,.  Every step he took was very difficult for him.

He can’t stand properly on it and the hoof is twisted back around and will grow into his pastern.

This is a better angle of his hoof, you can see the horrible deformity this mule is suffering from.  The vet will be looking at it soon and we will be following the vet’s advice.

As we were sorting out our horses, there was one horse in the kill pen that kept coming over and trying to get our attention as if to say “Please help me, I don’t want to die, I want to be rescued.”

The semi-truck was idling outside and getting ready to load up the horses that we didn’t have the funds to save.  We had a quick meeting and one of the volunteers offered to pay for his rescue if we could take him.  We agreed and she talked to the kill buyer.  He agreed to sell him for $520.

The volunteer was so happy that she was able to help save him.  Right after we got him into our pen, the rest of his companions in the kill pen were crammed into the semi-trailer and hauled away.  It was so sad watching him call out to his friends he was separated from, and hearing them whinny back from inside the slaughter truck was heart-wrenching.

Watching a semi load up with horses and knowing their destiny is always completely emotionally draining.  We are so thankful for the 16 precious lives that we were able to save.  Before long they were safe in our trailers and on their way to our shelter.

It was beginning to rain at our shelter when we got back.  The vet rescheduled for hopefully a dryer day.  All the horses unloaded safely and got settled into their waiting quarantine pens.

Tawnee got to work posting photos of each one onto our Facebook page and asking for name suggestions for them.  To meet all 16 of the horses saved, click here.  We have not chosen all the names yet, so please feel free to suggest new names or “Like” your favorite names.  The names with the most likes that is appropriate will be their name.

One of the pictures Tawnee posted up of a little pony that is completely blind that we purchased for a mere $20 went viral.  This pony was so traumatized during the auction sale.  When the pony went into the sale ring, he kept running into the walls, fences, and people, because he cannot see a thing.  The auction sold him as a mare, but later we discovered that he is a gelding.  Nobody wanted him at the auction but us.  We couldn’t tell him “No, we don’t care about you.”  The post has reached over 150,000 people and raised over $1,000!  To see the post, Click Here.

Today was nice and warm with no rain.  Our team got to work doing the intake on all the horses we rescued at the auction.  When we rescue horses from auction, they are all weight taped, measured, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, given probiotics and antibiotics if needed.

We also give them a de-licing treatment.  You won’t believe what kind of parasites can be on or in these horses when they come from auction!

The little blind pony, named Wonder (chosen from our Facebook name suggestions) was going to get a makeover.  The poor little guy was covered in mud.  He looked so sad and bedraggled.

Tawnee made a video as a great group of volunteers got to work on Wonder.  He absolutely loved it and just soaked in all the attention!  You will love watching this short video of his makeover and transformation.  To watch the video, Click Here.

Again, thank you all so much for your support!  It’s only because of people like you doing what you can to help that we were able to save 16 precious lives at the auction this month.

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