Auction Rescue Coming Up and an Amazing Story

The auction is Tuesday, and with your help we can save a lot of lives. Our goal this month is to save 15 horses directly from the auction, saving them out of the slaughter pipeline before the kill buyers have the opportunity to get them.  So far this year we have rescued 31 horses, donkeys, ponies, minis and mules from slaughter auctions thanks to generous support from people just like you.

Every horse we rescue is very special, but every once in awhile there is one that touches our lives in a very special way.  One of the horses we rescued from auction in January, Beauty, was delivered to her new home yesterday.  It was one of the most touching adoptions we have ever had.  Beauty was adopted by a mom and dad for their girl’s 11th birthday.  We didn’t plan it, but it just happened that when we unloaded Beauty, the little girl’s school bus pulled up, and we could hear shouts from all the kids on the bus saying “You have a horse!” and one louder voice saying “Why is there a horse in my driveway?”  You don’t want to miss this very special moment when Beauty and the little girl met, it was so touching and so heartwarming.  To watch the video – click here.

Beauty is such a wonderful horse and so perfect for this girl’s first horse.  So many horses that end up in the slaughter pipeline are absolutely wonderful horses that just ended up at the wrong place.  With your help we can save more horses just like Beauty at this month’s auction rescue.  Without donations from people just like you, we would not have been able to save Beauty, and she would have shipped off down the slaughter pipeline, never to be seen again.

Please make a donation, every little bit helps.  When we do these auction rescues it’s the $5, $10, and $20 that really help.  Every dollar truly does make a difference in the lives of the horses that will be at this auction, please give now.

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