Urgent Need: Horse Auction Tuesday – Help Us Save Some Horses!

There is an auction happening Tuesday where most of the horses will be purchased by kill buyers and shipped to slaughter. Thanks to donations to our rescue fund, right now we have enough funds to responsibly rescue and care for 2 horses.  Our goal is to save 15 horses from the auction this month. Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses from the slaughter pipeline is extremely costly, but with your support, we can save horses in need at the upcoming auction.

This is the story of a special horse we saved.  When we first met Liberty he was standing at the auction in a back pen. He was skinny and so depressed looking.  We rescued Liberty, hoping against hope we would be able to find him a loving home where he would never know the anguish of starvation again.


Liberty was adopted and has an absolutely wonderful home where he is well loved and cared for. If we had not been at the auction that night when we first met Liberty, he could have easily been sold to a kill buyer and shipped out of the United States for slaughter. That horrible fate did not happen to Liberty because of people like you giving what they could to our Auction Rescue Fund.  Now Liberty has a bright future ahead of him.

It costs our organization about $1,000 per horse to purchase them from the auction then rehab, train, and shelter until they can find their right home. With slaughter prices reaching hundreds of dollars per horse, for average sized horses, it costs a lot just to purchase them at auction. When they come to our shelter each horse is evaluated by our veterinarian, teeth floated if needed, shots, worming, microchipped, farrier care, quarantine, the list goes on. With your help, at this upcoming auction we won’t have to leave horses like Liberty behind. Your donation can make the difference between life or death at a slaughter plant in Mexico or Canada. When we go to auctions, we never know how many horses are there, but at this auction in middle Tennessee there are typically over 100 horses sold weekly.  Every sale there are slaughter semi-trucks waiting to haul off these precious lives.  It is horrific, but you can make a difference.  Please give now, every dollar really does help.

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