Update About Rolo the Pony Rescued From Auction

As many of you know we will be attending a horse auction this Tuesday and rescuing as many as we can afford to rescue and shelter.  Currently we have raised enough funds to rescue and care for 4 horses.  Our goal is to rescue 15, we will only reach our goal and be able to save 15 precious lives if there are funds available to do so.  I want to share a story about Rolo, a pony who we saved from a slaughter auction last year.

We rescued Rolo from an auction in middle Tennessee.  It was late at night when we saved him from the auction, and we didn’t get any pictures of him that night.  The next morning he was settling in, enjoying eating yummy grass at our shelter.  He had just the most adorable personality and is so full of life.

Rolo was adopted during our Home for the Holidays event last December.  His new family was so thrilled with him.  We are so happy for this pony and his new family.  I know if we had not saved him, he easily could have shipped to slaughter.

This weekend we got an update from Rolo’s family.  His family says “We call him Second Chance to Shine or just Chance for the short version. He’s coming along very nicely and we luv him very much. Thanks for the hard work you all do to save these lovable animals.”

Adoptions are each so special!  Without your support, we cannot have happy endings like Rolo for horses that are in jeopardy at the auction.  Please help us reach our goal of saving 15 precious lives at the upcoming auction.

Thank you in advance for your support, I know the horses at the upcoming auction are counting on us to save them, but we cannot do it without you. Every dollar really does help!  ~ Tawnee Preisner

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