Auction Rescue Results – Meet the Horses!

We would like to say a huge “Thank You!” again to everyone who donated to help save horses from the slaughter auction.  Your support was so greatly needed.  We were able to rescue 17 precious horses because of your support.  So far this year we have rescued 48 precious lives from slaughter auctions.  We have all of the horses posted on our Facebook page and are asking for name suggestions for them.  If you would like to help name them, please visit our Facebook page and click on their pictures – click here.

When we go to auctions we never know who we are going to rescue.  There are always so many in need, but there are some we cannot say no to.  On our Facebook page there was a discussion on why we would “waste our money rescuing an old horse.”  Every life is precious and deserves respect.  We rescue so many different horses from auction every month, we don’t don’t focus on just buying young ones, or just skinny ones, but a variety.  Until you go to an auction and see it for yourself, please don’t jump to conclusions.  There are many times we see horses at auctions who are clearly suffering, but their owners just dumped them.  We can’t save every horse, but for every horse we save, it means everything to them.  One of the horses that caught our eye at the auction was this very old, skinny mare who was incredibly sweet.  You can tell she was well loved and cared for at one point, but now that she was old she was tossed aside like a piece of trash.  She was covered in so many burrs and stickers we couldn’t even pet her without being poked.  Her mane, tail, even the hair around her ears, was all a matted mess.  We didn’t know if we could save her, but we were going to try.

When she came into the auction ring we were able to save her from the cruelty and horrors of the slaughter pipeline, yes even old skinny horses are shipped to slaughter.  The auction got over very late, and our rescuers got a few hours of sleep before loading up.  A number of the horses got loose at the auction during the early morning hours, and we couldn’t find the elderly skinny mare.  We looked and looked but there was no sight of her.  Finally after going through many small alleys we found the wise old mare, contentedly eating hay she had found at the end of an alley.  Tawnee took a quick video, it’s very cute and you won’t want to miss it – click here.

Another horse that we rescued at this auction was a scarred big lick reject.  He has visible scarring from chemical burns on his pasterns and he still has his 4″ stacks on.  He is registered, his registered name is Wicked And Nasty.  To see the post with more pictures of him on our Facebook page – click here.  Please share the Facebook post, people in the big lick industry like to say that soring never happens, but time and time again we rescue ones that prove otherwise.  By sharing this post we can help educate people that this cruelty is still ongoing, and hopefully bring it to an end.

Once all the horses were loaded up into the trailers our rescuers headed back to the shelter where 2 veterinarians were scheduled to be there when we arrived.

The horses were so happy to get out of the trailer, and were no doubt wondering where they were now.  The chestnut in this photo we found out was rehomed to someone with a first right of refusal contract.  That person ignored the contract and took the horse to the slaughter auction when they no longer wanted it.  His original owner is happy he is with us, but is understandably upset at the person who took him to the auction.  He could have easily been sold to a kill buyer and never be seen again…

The veterinarians got busy examining all the horses and helping with the intake process.  This little pony was a stallion and needed to be gelded.  He was soon in lala land and his operation was a complete success.

When we rescue horses from auction, they are all examined by a veterinarian to determine what each horse’s needs are and given medical attention.  A lot of the horses that come to us are in desperate need of dental care, which they receive.  They are all dewormed, vaccinated, given pro-biotics, and microchipped.  It’s quite the lengthy process when you’re evaluating and intaking 17 horses!

The evaluations and intake process lasted into the night, but finally the last one was completed and everyone was tucked in for the night.  The horses were happy in their pens eating, and our staff and veterinarians were completely exhausted.

The elderly mare seen earlier in the blog got a makeover today!  All those horrible stickers covering her body were carefully removed and now she is beautiful once again.  She absolutely loved all of the attention, and now we can actually pet her without fear of getting splinters from the horrible stickers and burrs.  She is extremely emaciated and the veterinarians are worried about her long-term prognosis, but we are going to give her all the love and attention we can because every horse is precious.

Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.

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