Announcing the Junior Equine Professional Adoption Program

Our Equine Professional Adoption Partner (EPAP) program is going so well we can hardly believe it.  Well over half of our available horses have been placed with our Partners.  Some of the horses are receiving more training from the Partners before they will be available.  We are really excited about this because with the number of horses we rescue there is no way we can give each horse the training it needs.

For those that are new to the EPAP program, it is an exciting program we have launched this year that will massively increase adoptions.  Each horse available to the Equine Professionals has an initial training and temperament evaluation performed by our shelter trainer and a medical exam by the shelter veterinarian.  The Equine Professional will give the horse any further training it needs and adopt the horse to the right home for that horse. The Equine Professional Adoption Partners are ultimately ambassadors helping to educate the horse community that horses in transition are as good as any other horse that can be purchased from a trainer or horse trader. People looking to get a horse often go directly to a trainer to buy their horse, and this would allow trainers and other equine professionals to provide them with quality horses that were in transition at our shelter.  To meet our Partners, click here.

With the success of the EPAP program, we had multiple younger professionals wanting to participate.  After some consideration, we decided to open this program up to a select number of Junior Equine Professionals being overseen by their parents. If this is something that you are interested in then why not buy the right gear straight away? There are many websites that you could use, however, we suggest maybe getting your horse riding boots on Horseseller, or a similar website. We are very excited about this new aspect of the program as it involves the younger generation of horse enthusiasts.

Meet the Junior Equine Professional Adoption Partners

Ashlyn | Middle TN – Ashlyn is 12 years old. She grew up on the back of a horse riding with her mom. She has been a member of the Tennessee Saddle Club Association from the time she was 4 years old. She has competed in speed, trail, and western pleasure classes. She even has been to state competitions twice. Ashlyn has always had a love for horses. She has been volunteering for Horse Plus Humane Society for over a year now. She hopes to open her own shelter when she grows up. Ashlyn started training with her mom last year and is excited to use this opportunity to become a more independent trainer. She hopes to expand her education through this experience and find lots of horses their right homes.

Heather | Middle TN – Heather is 11 years old.  She is one of our previous adopters.  In 2016 she adopted Diamond (their adoption photo is above.)  Diamond wasn’t fully trained when Heather adopted her.  She worked with local trainers to get Diamond fully trained.  Now they enjoy trail rides together and also participating in their local 4H club.  Heather is excited to be part of the Junior EPAP program and hopes to work with ponies to help them find their right home.

Matthew | Middle TN – My name is Matthew, I am 16 years old and I live in rural Ethridge TN. I have lived most of my life in the Ethridge area. My family has had horses around for as long as I can remember. I have always had a love for horses. One of my first training projects was a horse named Trigger that we rescued when I was ten years old, he turned out to be a great trail horse. Since then I have rescued several horses and ponies that I trained either to ride or to drive. This year I am part of the Lawrence County Horse 4H club with my Quarter Horse Pye, and I’m planning on showing her this summer. I am looking forward to having this opportunity to help train horses so that they can find their right homes.

Shelby | Middle TN – Shelby was raised in the country around horses all her life. She is 15 years old and was riding independently at age 4. Shelby has owned eight horses in her lifetime and developed a passion for spending time riding, grooming, and training both horses and ponies alike. She makes an emotional and physical connection with the horses she is training and working with and has studied and applied a few different methods including “Down Under Horsemanship” by Clinton Anderson, and “Parelli Horsemanship” by Pat Parelli, but most of her training has come from Kristen Breakfield – professional horse trainer at Horse Plus Humane Society. She has been volunteering for Horse Plus for the last two years and immensely enjoys working with their organization. Her greatest love and desire is to spend time with and benefit the welfare of horses and ponies as she is able, and helping people find the right fit and their right horse.

Katie | Middle TN – Katie is a Christ follower. She currently attends Stewarts Creek Middle School where she has earned principal list honors and is a member of BETA club. She competes on the volleyball team and runs track for the Lady Falcons as well. Katie has been a member of the USA volleyball in the southeast region for 5 years. In 2016 her 11 year old team was the regional champions. Her 2017 team earned a national bid. She has competed in over 50 triathlons and wishes to one day join her dad as an Ironman finisher. She is a member of New Vision Baptist Church. Katie has been around horses for about 5 years and 2 years ago she began training with her dad at Hope and Joy Farms. She is a member of both the hunt and western IEA teams for Meridiar Equine Education Center. Her favorite trainers are Madison Shambaugh and Carson James. Her favorite food is tacos. Katie loves to ride her mustang, Becca, as well as any horse on the farm. She is proud to represent Hope and Joy Farms and honored to be a part of this Junior Equine Professional Adoption Partner program.

Hannah | Middle TN – Hannah is 13 years old.  Her family got their first pony when she was 4 years old, and before long she would harness their pony by herself.  She has always loved horses of all breeds and her family has always had horses to ride.  She loves writing about horses for school reports on various breeds and training methods.  Hannah is very interested in horse welfare and has helped rescue 14 horses from auctions and find them new homes.  She enjoys helping calm nervous or green horses to make them safe for people.  She is involved with her local 4H group with her horse she adopted from Horse Plus Humane Society.

We are very excited to see how these Junior partners help horses in transition.

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