EPAP Update and More

We are very excited about the progress our Equine Professional Adoption Partners are making!  The EPAP program is so successful we had to reach out to another organization to transfer horses to our shelter.  Kentucky Humane Society transferred 4 horses to us and within 1 hour 2 of the horses were placed with one of our Equine Professional Adoption Partners! We are are seeing some great adoptions from this program. This week Raven has adopted from one of our Junior Partners into a wonderful home.

  We are getting some awesome updates from our partners about the horses they have taken.  Many of the partners are putting a lot of training into the horses before they will be available.  If you are interested in one of the horses featured in this blog, please email: epap@horsehumane.org.  Please enjoy these updates from some of our Partners.

“Freckles has been in training with jr. EPAP Katie at Hope and Joy Farms for the last 2 weeks. This little mare came in very difficult to catch and tough to gain trust and confidence. She has since developed into a wonderful horse. Katie has gotten w/t/c with both leads in a large arena as well as some light trail riding. Her plan is to continue with the trail training and work on accepting the bit better.”

Jr. EPAP Shelby says “I have been working with Rida these last two weeks and when I first began training her she would get very upset at the saddle cinch and would kick at her belly, she had not had a lot of work on her back before. But as I spend time with her she has become very nice to work with, she is a very intelligent horse. She has a beautiful profile and carries herself very well. She is eager to please, very willing to learn, and is making progress quickly! Today I took her through the creek for her first time, and she did a wonderful job! She was a little timid and unsure at the water at first but easily followed her buddy through it then felt comfortable to go through the creek many times on her own after that. She is very attentive to me, has a soft mouth, is easy to handle, and is light on her feet. She already has a home waiting for her in Dallas, TX who has named her Kennedy. I am proud to be working with such a fine Arabian, with more training and some grain and filling out she will be perfect!”

Jr EPAP Matthew says “Here’s a couple pictures I took while working with Blanche and Rapunzel today. They are starting to get easier to catch and they are getting better with being touched.” Matthew is training them to be a team under harness and hopes to have them pulling a small wagon soon.

EPAP Todd Morrissey says “Day 14 with Donato was a big step forward. He is starting to let me pick up his front feet and hold between my legs as if I was trimming them. I saddled him again with no issues and worked him in the round pen. While working him I would stop him and put weight in a stirrup. It didn’t bother him so I swung a leg over and stayed on him. He did not bolt or buck. He is becoming trusting and wanting to learn.” Watch the video, click here.

Jr EPAP Hannah is really making great strides with Checkers. She was quite the sassy girl but now is quite sweet. Hannah put Checkers in harness and she did very well. She’s a sturdy sweet girl. We are excited about the progress that Checkers has made with our Jr EPAP Hannah!

Actress Payton Christian has made her own Facebook page to promote the horses available for adoption from her.  Please check it out and don’t forget to like her page, click here.

With so many horses being placed with partners it has freed up some time and we are hoping to get the blog back closer to daily.  But, our question for you is, what would you like to see in the blog?  In 2007 Jason and Tawnee started writing a daily blog about nearly every detail of rescuing and sheltering, but for the last few years there is simply too much happening to share every detail.  Would you like to read about the people and the behind-the-scenes that make Horse Plus run, along with stories of specific horses?  Would you like to see more details about the horses at our shelter?  Please give us your feedback, we would love to hear from you!  Please email us: info@horsehumane.org or leave a comment on our Facebook page on today’s blog post.  Sarah is going to help write the blogs and take the photos for the blogs.

Yesterday Kristen started her day doing paperwork. Each horse has a folder with their paperwork in it, and with all the horses that are coming and going there is always a lot of paperwork.

While Kristen was working on paperwork our volunteers got started on spring cleaning and preparations to finish our intake and quarantine barn.  Sadly one of our followers passed away, but thanks to her planning and small estate donation, we can finish the barn!  The barn is scheduled to be finished next week.  We are so grateful to her.

Clyde was a feral, wild horse who came from the Appalachian Mountains.  There are herds of wild horses there, and many of them are horses that were abandoned by their owners and became feral.  Heart of Phoneix Horse Rescue and Kentucky Humane Society have some great programs to help these feral horses, and we are happy to welcome Clyde to our shelter. One of our volunteers was able to work with him today and he did amazing!

Clyde had been halter trained and gelded before coming to us, but still needs further training.  Our volunteer spent a lot of time with him and was able to take him on a nice walk.  He really enjoyed it.

We would like to thank everyone for your support!  Please email us and let us know what you would like to see in the blog.