Blog: Warmer Weather and Longer Days

Blog | 4-12-18: Warmer weather and longer days mean a lot more time outside and a lot more time with the horses. Kristen started her day just sitting and talking to Senna. Senna wasn’t halter trained when she got here and was unsure about Kristen. As the day went on she warmed up to her and soon realized there was nothing to be scared of.

They both soon became friends and Kristen was able to halter train her. Kristen doesn’t want to push her to fast, as she wants to build her confidence first but hopes to have her under saddle soon.

Kristen also worked with Clyde. As you may have read on our previous blog, Clyde was a feral, wild horse who came from the Appalachian Mountains. He is doing great with his training and seems to be enjoying himself.

Kristen was able to ride him for the first time today with no problems. With a little more training she will be able to take him out on the trails.

Licorice came from the auction that we went to in January. He was very scared and wasn’t sure about anything. He was rode through the sale but Kristen believes that it may have been the first time he was ever ridden. Kristen spent some extra time with him just building his confidence in her and soon was able to put a halter on.

After building his confidence Kristen was able to saddle him up and do some saddle training. He did amazing! This is a big step for Licorice and we are very proud of him.

Ashlyn, one of our volunteers, is enjoying the new round pen in the barn. It is nice to have two round pens, as two people can be training at the same time. Comanche is the horse she is working in the picture and he is a sweetheart! Ashlyn hopes to be able to ride him soon and take him out on the trails.  Comanche came to us as an owner surrender.  He has very unique markings with a dorsal stripe, zebra type colors on his legs, and a unique eye color.  His owners said he is from the original bloodlines going back hundreds of years, and we definitely believe it from his conformation and uniqueness.

We are excited to see what this warmer weather is going to bring and to share it all with you guys.  Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for your support!