Blog: Donkey Day!

Your probably thinking, “Donkey Day?” Yes, donkey day. Today was dedicated to the donkeys at our shelter. You will get to meet each donkey and see the training they had today.

This is Lou, she is a sweetheart. She’s still not sure of people and is distant but we are sure with more training she will be over that.

Bubba loves to be right in the middle of everything. He likes to know everything that is going on and will let you know what he thinks. He still needs training as he doesn’t like for you to get to close but we are sure with more training he will be ready for his right home.

Jen Jen has the prettiest eyes! We often wonder what she is thinking. She seems to be the quiet one out of everyone but we are sure that she talks when we are not around. With a little more training and one on one time, we think that she will open up and just fall in love.

Sgt. York is a sweetheart! He loves for you to pet him but on his own time. He is noisy and loves the camera. He thinks that he needs to photobomb all of the pictures. With a little more training he will be ready for his new home.

Black Jack loves to ask for food anytime you are around. He thinks that he always needs to eat. He still doesn’t like you to get to close to him unless you have food.

Kristen and a couple volunteers went on a trail ride with the horses, leading the donkeys so they could learn to lead better. The donkeys were unsure at first but then seemed to enjoy themselves. Mystic (not pictured) did amazing today with the donkeys. She let them know where they should go and never once got scared. Once Payton got out of the gate he acted like he had done this before. He just went right along and enjoyed his walk along with the horse. We are all very proud of him.

The baby donkey surrendered yesterday is doing great! We are all very much enjoying him and spoiling him rotten. We have had a lot of interest in him and have found him the perfect, experienced home and he is now in adoption pending.  His new home will continue caring for him and his special infant needs.

Jason made the sweetest little video of the baby.  We are asking for name suggestions on Facebook, to watch it and offer your name suggestion, click here.

This morning he had his first bath and we made a video of that too.  To watch it, click here.

After his bath this morning he snuggled up on the couch with a blanket. Our secretary Sarah enjoyed loving on him while she worked on emails. He loves his new friend the zebra, he looks so little next to him.

A little outside time always does some good. We enjoyed watching him bounce around and enjoy the outdoors.

He got to take a walk and meet the other equine friends here. He wasn’t sure about Sundown but soon warmed up to him.

He also likes the stalls. He seems to feel comfortable in there.

Hope you enjoyed learning about our donkey friends. If you are interested in adopting please email us at

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional!

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