Update on Upcoming Auction Rescue, Vet Day and More

So far we have raised enough funds to rescue and care for 2 horses from the upcoming auction. We just secured additional land for an off-site quarantine facility, we would like to a send big thank you to our awesome Vet Team for making this possible!  We have room to rescue and shelter 15-20 precious horses from the slaughter auction.  It costs about $1,000 to purchase, transport, vaccinate, microchip, quarantine, train, veterinarian care, farrier care, and shelter until we find the perfect home for each horse.  Sometimes the horses we save have suffered so much neglect and abuse that all we can do is love them and give them a peaceful ending, but most of the horses we rescue from the slaughter auction are adoptable and we find them amazing homes.  

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Thursday was vet day for the horses at our shelter. Kona got her Coggins and was seen by the vet just to make sure she was good to go before her appointment with an adopter later that day. She did very well and never moved an inch as Tawnee held her for the vet.


Study also got his Coggins done. We are not sure how he can see through all that hair but he sure is adorable. Study is still in training but is available to an experienced home.

Comanche drifted off into sleepy land after the vet sedated him so he could get gelded.   After he woke up, no doubt a little confused, after his successful gelding surgery, he was able to go in with some of his gelding friends and seems to like that better than being by himself in a stall.

The vet and her assistant just had to get one more hug from Lumi before they left. We are happy that Lumi is doing really good and is just full of life. If you missed any of his other posts, visit us on Facebook, click here.

One of our volunteers worked with Chloe. Chloe is still a yearling and can’t be rode yet but our volunteer was able to work on her ground manners and give her a nice brushing. She did really well and learns fast.

We are enjoying our new stalls so much. It makes it a lot easier when the vet comes out and for working with the horses.

While we were busy back at the shelter Kristen, our trainer, was at a training clinic. She had a lot of fun learning more about working with and caring for the horses. We are eager to hear all about it when she gets back.

We are excited to say that Kona was cleared by the vet and found her right home all in the same day. We know that these two are going to have some amazing times together. We are excited for both of them.

Please remember the auction rescue!  It’s just a few days away, and we need your help to save lives.

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