Meet 18 Horses Saved From the Slaughter Pipeline

We would like to thank each one so much again for your support that made this rescue mission such a success!  Prior to going to the auction we monitor Tennessee kill buyer pages because more often than not we see the same horses run through the auction.  On one page there was 5 horses that were less than auction price and we figured the kill buyer was probably planning on either shipping directly or taking them to auction and trying to get a few extra dollars.  We reached out to the kill buyer and told him that if the horses were brought to the auction we would purchase them.  Sure enough, they were there and we were able to save them along with 13 others for a total of 18 precious lives saved from the horrors of slaughter!

This morning we did our intake process at the auction so they could go directly to our new offsite quarantine pasture.  It worked out very well!  Each horse was photographed and all 18 precious horses and ponies were microchipped, vaccinated (Eastern-Western, Tetanus, West Nile & Rhino), given probiotics, de-wormed and given a treatment for lice/ticks. Then they were loaded up in our trailers and headed to quarantine.  Tawnee put together a video of the process, to watch it, click here.

After the almost 3 hour drive the horses were very happy to get out of the trailer and onto solid ground once again.  They are so happy!  Some of our Facebook followers were very concerned about the horses being let out onto green grass.  Green grass is everywhere in Tennessee, and Tennessee horses grow up eating green grass.  This offsite facility was recommended to us by our veterinarian, they know the pasture well and the horses will be under constant supervision.  To watch a video of them unloading and enjoying their new pasture, click here.

 We will be posting the horses on Facebook and asking for name suggestions soon.  Some donors donated the entire amount needed to save a horse, and they will have first right to name the horse their donation was used to save.  Otherwise being thinking of names and look for our posts tomorrow!  Enjoy these pictures of all the horses saved thanks to your donations.

Thank you again for making this rescue possible!  These are all very lucky horses.  A huge semi-truck loaded up and pulled away from the auction after the sale.  It is always sad we can’t save them all, but if it wasn’t for you, these horses could have been on that truck too.

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