Journey to Adoption | Help a Horse Day 2018

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Adoption Outings: April 26th –  June 30th
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 1pm – 5pm (unless it is raining)
Come adopt a horse for the day and start a Journey. When you arrive, we will match you with a horse. Your journey will begin by filling out a temporary adoption form. Then you will get acquainted with your equine partner. You can groom and take your equine partner on a trail ride. There are miles of trails around our shelter.  We have all of the tack you need available. If needed, lessons are available. If you find your Right Horse, we will finalize your adoption and you can take the horse home with you or arrange for transportation. If you didn’t find your right horse, but want to adopt a horse, we will be taking Commitments to Adopt. All Final Adoption Fees are $150 (Not EPAP Horses)

Ribbon Ride: May 27th
     Sunday 9am-9pm
Come on a Journey with us. There will be ribbons hung along the trail ride that are worth points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the ride will win the prize. The entry fee will be $5 and 50% of the entry fees will go to the prize. After the ride, we will have a chili dinner and a concert. The concert and meal will be only $10.

Volunteer Help a Horse Day: June 3rd
    Sunday 10am-5pm
Help us on our Journey. Our horses need lots of love and care. Activities include: bathing, grooming, cleaning stalls, repairing fencing, and cleaning up the grounds.

Adoption Showcase: June 24th
    Sunday 10am-5pm
Come finish our Journey with us at an Adoption Showcase. This is an event where horses will be available for adoption not only from our shelter but from other adoption agencies as well.  Come and learn by watching clinics with professional horse trainers and meet horses looking for their right homes.  Adoption fees may vary at this event.

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