Urgent Need: We Assisted a Sheriff Department with a large seizure

Today we assisted a Sheriff Department several hours away in a large seizure. We believe this case to be a hoarding case. 14 of the horses have come to us for sheltering during the court case. There were a number of horses that were already dead on the property, it was heart-wrenching. Nearly all of the horses were suffering from extreme neglect with their hooves. One of the youngsters had a halter on that was left on, and as the baby grew it cut into her neck. The open wounds had maggots crawling around, it was disgusting. Thinking about what all of these horses had been suffering from was so sad, it was just pure neglect. We will be posting more updates as we can, your support is very needed and greatly appreciated! Watch the video: https://bit.ly/2rd740u

Watch the video – Click Here!

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