Job Opening – Come Join Our Team!

Job Description
Farrier/Farm Hand Position
Horse Plus Humane Society | | Hohenwald, TN

Horse Plus Humane Society is an open admission shelter for horses, and a lot of horses are surrendered in need of farrier care.  In 2017 horse plus Humane Society sheltered over 600 horses and by May of 2018, has sheltered over 200 horses.

 The majority of the horses being surrendered at our shelter in Tennessee are in need of farrier care before they can be placed up for adoption.


Be able to trim and shoe horses, and provide photos of your work and references from people who have been clients.

Must be able to handle horses in a safe and humane manner. Many horses that have been surrendered have never been handled or have been abused. A BLM Wild Horse Padded squeeze hydraulic tilt chute is available on site for unhandled horses.

Self-taught is okay. Graduate from a farrier school is desired.

Farm Hand

Horse Plus Humane Society operates on over 50 acres of properties in the Hohenwald area. When not doing farrier work, the farrier/farm hand would maintain fencing, repairing shelters, do simple construction, knowledge of maintaining electric fences, cleaning stalls, operating tractors, moving hay, etc.


Starting hourly rate of $12 to $15 an hour. Pay will be determined upon experience and ability to do the job. Part-time position at first could lead to full-time position and higher pay depending on work and performance.


  1. Must be over 18 and have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Must have knowledge of horses and experience with horses.
  3. Part of the interview process must be in person so we can see your skills in action.