New Horses, Adoptions, KY 1-Day Shelter & More

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here. Last week we assisted the Franklin County Police Department with a seizure of multiple horses. The horses were in a big field in sad condition. We were happy that we were there to help even though it was a sad sight. Here is some more information about this case – click here.

We are happy to say that we have ownership of the horses and they are up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the horses please email

May 3rd was another busy day as we had many horses come in. We had one horse that was in critical condition and others that came from the Kentucky Humane Society. We also had some college students come from Florida to volunteer for the day. To watch the video about that day – click here.

The ASPCA is doing a Help a Horse Day competition with a $20,000 grant to the winner. We are excited to say that we have had 18 Help a Horse Day Adoption so far, which makes this the 50th adoption so far this year! This competition is going on until June 30th.

Our Commit to Adopt announcement has been a great success! The Commit to Adopt of $150 can be used for any horse that you are looking for. If we do not have the horse that you are looking for the Commit to Adopt is good for 12 months. To watch our video and to learn more – click here.

On Saturday night one of our EPAP Partners went to an auction and saw two sweet little ponies. We did a fundraiser and thanks to your support we were able to save three ponies. This is one of the little guys and his name is now Little Bit and he is so sweet.

For several years now we’ve been eyeing a beautiful 10 acre+ pasture that borders the shelter’s property on one side. We are very excited to tell you that we have secured a month-to-month lease on this property.  Jason spent a lot of time making sure that it was safe for the horses. It even has a pond they can play in and cool off when the weather is hot. We moved some of the horses from our offsite quarantine facility to this beautiful pasture for the remainder of their quarantine since it does not come in contact with any of our existing horse pens. The horses were so happy being turned loose in this little bit of heaven on earth, thank you for your support that makes all this possible! Watch the video, click here.

This Sunday our team will be in Winchester, Kentucky holding a 1-Day Open Door Shelter for horses whose owners can no longer care for them. At this event horse owners will be able to surrender horses free of charge. We have nearly 30 horses pre-registered to be surrendered at this event. Once the horses are surrendered, they will receive veterinarian care and training evaluations. Adoptable horses will be placed with 501(c)3 non-profits in Kentucky and West Virginia, and there’s a possibility we may also bring horses to our shelter here in Tennessee as well. To see the event’s Facebook page, click here.

Thank you all for your support, it is greatly appreciated and keeps our organization operating and never turning a horse away!