Kentucky 1-Day Open Door Shelter 21 Horses Surrendered!

The 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Kentucky this last weekend was a great event!  21 horses were surrendered, horses whose owners could no longer keep them.  One person brought 3 feral stallions, he said he had been trying to find homes for them for 5 years.  He was the first to arrive and was so grateful for this event.  ABC 36 came out during the event to cover it, and they did a great job.  To watch the news video clip, click here.
There were a variety of horses surrendered.  There were young horses, and elderly horses in their 30’s.  There was even a poor little miniature mare that was suffering from a horrible cancerous tumor.  The veterinarians evaluated all of the horses and 9 of the horses needed the Last Act of Kindness.  We are thankful for this program, without this option, their owners were unable to provide the Last Act of Kindness for them.  The others, including the 3 feral stallions, were placed with adoption partners.   Those partners are: Kentucky Humane Society, Kentucky Equine Humane Center, Heart of Phoenix, and 2 horses came to our shelter here in TN.

We posted a lot of photos on our Facebook page so you can see the event and get a feel for how it went.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should still be able to see the pictures.  To see photos from this event, click here.

We would like to thank the Right Horse Initiative for making this 1-Day Open Door Shelter possible through a generous grant.  We are nearing the end of the grant but will help as many horses through the 1-Day Open Door Shelter program as we can until the funds are gone.