URGENT NEED: Horses will be auctioned off tomorrow!

So far we have raised enough funds to save almost 12 horses! Our goal is to save 20 horses at this auction Tuesday night!  We need just over $8,000 more to make this possible.  Without us, almost all the horses will be shipped to slaughter and we just can’t bear the thought of looking into their eyes and not being able to save them – please help if you can!  Kill buyers attend auctions to purchase horses to be shipped to slaughter, auctions are the beginning of the slaughter pipeline for most horses.

Over 100,000 horses are shipped out of the USA for slaughter every year. Your donation will be used to purchase horses directly out of the slaughter pipeline, evaluate them, give them the medical care they need, the Last Act of Kindness if necessary, training, rehabilitation, and help them find their new homes. It cost our organization approximately $1,000 to rescue a horse from the auction, give them medical care, quarantine, training, and shelter them until they are adopted into a new loving home.

You can help save horses from the slaughter pipeline, without your help, we cannot save them – Please give now!

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