20 Rescued Horses Need Names!

Again I cannot thank everyone enough who made donations to help us save the 20 horses from the auction Tuesday night, your support was so greatly needed and it has truly given these 20 horses a bright future. We were amazed how many horses were injured that we purchased, typically there are a few injured horses at every auction, but this time it was excessive. I videoed the horses that had the worst injuries, you can watch that video by click here.

I have posted all of the horses up on our Facebook page in an album called: May 2018 | Auction Rescues | 23 Saved! You’re probably wondering why it says 23. Earlier this month we were able to save three ponies from another auction so in total this month we have saved 23 precious lives from the slaughter pipeline. In total this year, we have purchased 89 horses, ponies and a mule at auctions! This couldn’t have been done without your support, so I want you to know we are extremely grateful for enabling us to rescue all these horses.  To help suggest names for these horses we just rescued please click here and then click on the horses you would like to suggest a name for or “Like” a name that has already been suggested.

Thanks Again!  ~Tawnee Preisner

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