New Arrivals and More

We are loving this warmer weather and we know the animals are too. Shelby, one of our volunteers, started her day off grooming Cupid. He is learning to trust people and doing very well. She was able to love all over him and get the rest of his winter coat off.

We rescued Wilma from an auction in April. We were able to save her from the slaughter pipeline and we are excited to announce that she has been ADOPTED! Wilma is a very sweet girl and loves to be loved on.

Earlier this week we had a very special visitor come to the shelter. We had received a call from her mom saying that her daughter wanted to donate some stuff to the horses for her birthday. We just want to thank her so much and say Happy Birthday! The horses love their treats and other goodies!

While she was here she got to love on Maximus before he left to go to his new home. We also got Maximus from the auction in April. We are excited that he has found his right home and will be loved forever.

Lacy has been volunteering her time this week to take care of the horses that we got from the auction. Some of the horses had some pretty nasty wounds. Lacy is going to school to be a vet and is loving all of the hands-on that she is getting. We are happy to announce that the horses are doing great and healing well.

The vet also made a visit to do on a checkup on a horse that was injured at the auction when we rescued her.  The vet enjoyed meeting Fred, a Belgian who is super sweet. He stands at 17.1 and has a heart of gold. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and he is has been adopted.

Ellie came to us from Florida on Monday. She has heaves and her previous owners did not want to put her down. They’re hoping we can find a home for her further north. Our veterinarian cleared her for adoption.  She needs to gain some weight but will do much better in a different climate.  She is the sweetest little girl ever! She comes running when you come into the pasture and loves for you to pet her.

We are also excited to say that we now have a pony cart! Dino was trained to pull before we got him and he does great! He loves all of the people attention that he can get. He is currently pending adoption.

Today has been a pretty busy day. We had three horses surrendered. Their owners could no longer keep them due to different reasons. If you want to help support them please, click here. We are always so grateful for your support.

Kristen was eager to evaluate one of the horses. She is a Percheron Cross and is the sweetest girl! Tawnee had called one of our potential adopters who has been looking for a horse just like this one, and they came out and met her shortly after she arrived at the shelter.  We are happy to say that she is already pending adoption.

We want to introduce you to Tinker Bell, who was surrendered today. We got a call earlier last week saying that someone had found a pig and it needed a home. She is just a baby and is a little scared of people.

Everyone from the auction is settling in well. They are all doing great and enjoying it here very much. The ones that are still available will be up for adoption soon. If you are interested please email for more information. Thank you so very much!

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