Volunteer Day and More

We had some amazing volunteers come out today. They finished painting our gazebo and it looks amazing, we just can’t wait to use it. They are planning on being regular volunteers and we are excited to have them.

Volunteers Shelby and Amisty cleaned up a lot today. They started off scrubbing buckets and got everything looking nice. They are always working hard to make sure that the horses and shelter are looking nice.

Kristen was able to work with Holly today. We got her from the auction that we went to last month. She is doing great and is still learning to trust. If you are interested in adopting Holly please email kristen.b@horsehumane.org.

While Kristen was walking around checking on the horses, Casper was excited to see her. He loves to get loved on and will come running to see you. Casper is in rehab and will be available soon.

These three are best buddies. They also came from the auction that we did a few weeks ago. They are still learning to trust people but are getting better every day.

Koda was curious about what Shelby had and it wasn’t long before she figured it out. She loved the grain and soon her friends joined her.

Ginger is such a sweet and silly little girl! As you can tell she¬†didn’t want a better picture of herself. She was following us around everywhere and just wanted to be loved on. Ginger is an adoption pending and will be going home soon.

Our secretary Sarah enjoyed going out and taking pictures of the horses. It wasn’t long before she and Ellie fell in love. Ellie came to us from Florida as an owner surrender. Ellie suffers from COPD and needed a home up north. We had the vet come out and she thinks that if she went farther north it would be good for her.

Thank you all so much for your support of our shelter!

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