DONATIONS NEEDED: The Auction is Tomorrow

The auction is tomorrow (Tuesday) and we currently have raised enough funds to only save 7 horses.  Our goal is to save 20 horses this month, but we won’t make it without your help.  The thought of only being able to rescue 7 horses from such a horrible fate, and walk away with empty trailers, leaving the others we could have saved to their horrible fate, is breaking our hearts.  It costs us on average of $1,000 to rescue, rehabilitate and shelter auction horses until they find their right home.  Slaughter prices are reaching up to 50 cents a pound, so we can easily spend $500 just purchasing the horse to save it’s life, then transport it to our shelter, give it vet care, vaccinations, deworming, training, farrier care, the list goes on and on.  We can only rescue the number of horses that we have raised the funds for, and we really need your help to save these horses tomorrow!

I want to share a story of a young horse that we rescued from the auction last month.  He had a horrible gash to his leg and scrapes all over his body.  He was very scared and looked to me like he had been in a slaughter trailer and was trampled by the bigger horses.  Kill buyers will offload the horses that won’t bring them as much profit at auctions and fill their trailers up with fat, healthy horses that will make the trip.  Other kill buyers will purchase the ones that were offloaded just to fill their trailers.  It’s a big money game, and the horses are the ones that always lose.  Thanks to donations to our auction rescue fund last month we were able to save Milo from that horrible fate.

Milo has been adopted into a wonderful home where he is loved and cared for.  Without your support we would not have been able to rescue him, and his future would have been horrific.

I made a short video of Milo’s rescue and adoption.  Please watch the video and share it with your friends!  To watch it, click here.

Please, if you can spare any amount to help our rescue mission tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated!  I know together we can make this auction rescue a huge success, but we all have to participate and pull together to make it happen!

Thank You For Your Support! Tawnee Preisner – Founder

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