21 Horses Safe Tonight!

Thanks to your support we were able to save an amazing 21 horses from the auction last night!  They have been safely transported to our shelter and have all been seen by the veterinarian.  There were a lot of injured horses in this group, and the vet was shocked by how bad some of them were.  You can see a video of the horses that were saved last night – click here.

One of the horses rescued at the auction has some of the worst injuries we have ever seen at auction.  A young stallion, not even 2 years old, went through the sale with two holes in his neck.  The holes were deep and big, with puss constantly oozing from the wounds.  He was emaciated, and barely had the spark of life left in his eyes.  You will not believe the condition this poor boy was in!  To watch his video – click here.  Warning Graphic!

The veterinarian believes the young stallion’s wounds were caused by an injury.  She put two drains in his wounds and did everything she could for him.  We are hopeful that he will make a full recovery, although his neck will no doubt always show the scars of his wounds.  He is on medication, and with your help, we will do everything we can for him.  To watch his video of vet treatment – click here. Warning Graphic!


Again, thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t have saved these amazing horses without your donations.

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