Help Name The New Horses!

Yesterday was an extremely busy day with the 21 horses from the auction arriving at our shelter, another horse that would have shipped to slaughter if we did not rescue her, and 7 horses that arrived after being surrendered in North Carolina.  To watch the day’s happenings in a video, click here.


We are currently asking for name suggestions for the 21 horses saved from auction thanks to your support!  Please participate by suggesting a name, and also “liking” a name.  The name with the most likes, that is appropriate, will be chosen.  To help name them and to see all the horses rescued at the auction, click here.  Click on the photos of each horse and suggest a name in the comments.

Again, we want to thank everyone for your support!  A lot of people came together to make this auction rescue possible, and each one of you were a vital part of saving their lives.  Thank you!
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