Huge Adoption Event – 42 Adoptions!

We had a huge adoption event on Sunday where 42 horses found their new right home.  This was the last event for our Journey to Adoption Campaign during the ASPCA Help a Horse Day Contest.  This is one of the most amazing adoption events we have ever had.  There were so many wonderful people coming to the shelter to adopt a horse.  When the gates opened at 10:00 there was already a line of trucks and trailers on the road waiting.  Over 100 people came to the shelter looking for their right horse, and it was a steady stream all day.

You may ask yourself “How is this even possible?”  We have an amazing network in the horse community of Tennessee.  Many of the adoptions were repeat adopters coming to add another member to their family.  Best of all, they also brought their friends who were looking to adopt a horse.  This event was a huge success thanks in part to our Equine Professional Adoption Partners.  They helped share the event, volunteered at the event, and adopted horses out at their facilities on Sunday too.

All of the adopters were screened and approved just like any other adoption.  We work very hard to ensure that each and every horse adopted is matched with the right person for that horse.

We are so proud of our team and volunteers that worked so hard to make this event such a huge success for all of the horses that found their perfect home on Sunday!  To watch a video of the adoptions, click here.

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