116 Adoptions and More

This year we participated in the ASPCA‘s Help a Horse Day Contest that ran from April 26th to June 30th. The focus of the campaign was on horse adoption and transitioning horses into their right homes. We named our campaign for the contest Journey to Adoption as we wanted to bring attention to horses that need to be adopted. When a horse enters our shelter its journey focuses on finding a new home and we do everything we can to ensure we find the right home for that horse. Our campaign was more successful than we could have ever dreamed with 116 adoptions taking place between April 26th and June 30th! To watch a slideshow of the 116 adoptions, click here.

If you have adopted a horse from us, we encourage you to join our Horse Plus Humane Society Adopter’s group and post your story.  The work we do is very hard emotionally at times, and it is extremely encouraging to get a wonderful adoption update.  Reading adopter’s stories always brightens our day, and it will brighten you day too.  To visit the group, click here.

Austin posted an absolutely beautiful series of pictures of her adopted horse Red Bryson.  We rescued him from an auction, where he most likley would have been shipped to slaughter.  He was adopted out by one of our EPAP partners.  We are so happy he has such a great home!  To read more of our adoption updates, click here.

We got a call from a Sheriff department in Alabama about a horse they needed help with.  They were able to get custody of the horse from her owner, who wasn’t able to care for her properly.  They asked us for help, and we said “Yes!”  We are an open door shelter, not only to the public, but for law enforcement too.  They brought her to our shelter.  She had to go straight to the vet to treat her medical needs.  If you could make a donation to help with her expenses we would greatly appreciate it.  To see more pictures, click here.

Thank you so much for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.

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