Update on Emaciated Horse and Tennessee Welfare Laws

The horse that was suffering so horribly that we have been investigating and trying to get help for has been humanely put to sleep and buried on the property.  We are so thankful that her suffering has ended, but are terribly saddened it took so long to get her the help she has needed for years.

Reporter Alex Apple with Fox 17 in Nashville is truly a friend of the animals.  Today he spent hours following up on the story about the emaciated horse with horrible knees.  Alex spent the day working on a very special story that will air at 9:00 pm CST, you can watch it live – click here.

Alex also talked to Tennessee Representative Johnny Shaw who is in the Agriculture Department and shared with Rep. Shaw the law regarding horses in Tennessee.  Rep. Shaw was very interested about the law and how he can help change it for the betterment of all animals in Tennessee, including horses! Please take a moment of your time to contact Rep Shaw and let him know you support him and his work on bettering the laws for horses in Tennessee, his contact information is at this link – click here.

We have started a petition to ask the Tennessee Legislature to help horses and other animals in Tennessee.  Even if you don’t think your name will do any good, there is major power in numbers, so please take a minute and sign it, especially if you can sign it before the newscast to really make the biggest impact!  –  click here.

Don’t forget to watch Alex Apple’s news story during the 9:00 pm newscast, CST – click here.

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