This horse was on the brink of death

We first saw Meho standing in a group of horses at a slaughter auction.  Most horses at this auction are sold for slaughter and purchased by kill buyers who ship them to Mexico.  One of the things we noticed about Meho was he was very skinny but had an amazing and beautiful long mane.  Then we noticed he was injured.  We wondered how such a gorgeous horse would end up discarded at the auction.

We found that he was a stallion, and he was in a pen with other stallions, all in the same condition.  The herd was just skinny and in very rough shape.  We see this quite often in the slaughter pipeline industry.  Some horses bounce around in the pipeline and become injured or too weak, and they are discarded at auction and replaced with other horses healthy enough to make the trip to slaughter.

Meho was lifeless and seemed to have given up on life.  We didn’t know if he was going to make it.  In the group of horses we rescued that day, two others gave up the fight for life and passed away, despite our best efforts.  Meho found the strength within and began his recovery.

After he was gelded, the vet cleared him for adoption and he was adopted by the perfect home to finish his rehab.  Meho is looking amazing already!  His transformation in just 1 month is absolutely striking.  He has found his right home, and is finding that beautiful, spirited horse he lost in the slaughter pipeline.  He is blossoming with the love and compassion he is given.

You can watch a video of his rescue and transformation.  We work hard to ensure that every horse we rescue is given every chance possible for a bright future.  Don’t miss this short video, click here.

Meho was given the gift of life.  His before and after in such a short time is so telling of the cruelties of the slaughter pipeline.  We can’t wait to see what he will look like in 6 months!

Will you help us save horses just like Meho at the auction we will be attending this Tuesday?  This is the same auction we saved Meho from, and we know there will, sadly, be other horses that need help just as desperately as Meho did.  We can only rescue and save them with your support, please donate right now.  Any amount will help!

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