A Horse Saved From Auction Tells Her Story

The auction is tomorrow, and so far we have raised enough funds to rescue 13 horses.  We would like to share a story with you of a horse we rescued from this auction in May, from her perspective.

How did I get here? This place is a nightmare. It is dark and scary and has a slight smell of death. This pen is so small I can hardly turn around. My poor old bones ache from standing in one place in this nasty manure.

I am so thirsty I would drink even the slimy disease infested water in the corner of my pen in a nasty old bucket. I tried digging through the dirt and manure to find just a scrap of hay, but I had no luck. It is so noisy I can’t think straight, and my head is killing me.

The trailer ride here was a nightmare.  There were so many horses shoved into that old trailer I couldn’t help but hit my head. This is not how I thought my life would end, but this place makes me wish I was already dead.  Maybe one of those people coming my way will stop and show me some love?  No, they just walked on past me. I am too old and ugly for them to care what happens to me.  I’ll just drift off and think of my younger days when I was pretty and fat. I loved to carry children on my back, and chase cows in the arena. I remember when my stall was decorated with ribbons and trophies instead of dried blood and cobwebs. I am pulled out of my musings when two ladies enter my pen. My rumbling stomach is no match for the ache in my heart.

They look at my battered body and instead of walking away and shaking their heads, they start rubbing my coat and taking a closer look. They check my teeth to see how old I am. This is where they will definitely leave, no one wants an old horse but the man with the evil in his eyes. But no, they stay and keep looking. Then I hear, “This old girl needs our help.” A spark of life jumps back into me and I nicker as to say, “Please.” Then they walk away, but not before they give me one more gentle pat. I return to my slumber, it’s the only way I know to escape this evil place.

Soon a man comes and opens my pen. I really am too weak to move very fast, but he is so pushy and mean. I hurry down a busy alley full of horses that look like they are afraid for their lives. I walk through this door and the lights blind me. My pen was not nearly as noisy as this room is. I hear someone talking about me and then a bunch of numbers are shouted out. The mean men keep pushing me around but I just don’t have it in me to run away like I want to. Finally, it gets quiet and I am pushed back to my pen.  I hope those girls come back, I want to see a friendly face even just for more a moment more… Staying at this place overnight is like sleeping in a horror film. I was lucky enough to get my own pen, but some pens are full of horses fighting and pushing each other around. The damp air makes the smell of death heavier. It is quieter now, but I am afraid of what morning might bring.

In the morning light I feel more hopeful for some reason. Maybe a new day will bring me a way out of this place. Then I see them, I start to nicker over and over again.  “I am here please see me,” I call out as best I can, “Please help me.” The girls have come back to save me. They didn’t leave me. I am loaded up on a nice trailer with plenty of room for me and my friends. I wonder what my future will bring. It is a long trailer ride to our destination, but when the trailer opens I think I have arrived in heaven. There is green grass everywhere. My friends and I are unloaded into a pen. The people that saved us from that scary place keep coming over and scratching my body and face.  They smell good like sweet feed and carrots and their voices are so sweet. I just want to say thank you. I just rest my head against their bodies and feel at peace. My head still hurts but they quickly pull me aside and spread some stuff on it that makes me feel better. They also give me a bath, making sure to wash all of the remnants of that horrible place off my scratched up legs. I would be so happy just to spend all day in their loving arms.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better they turn me loose on this big gorgeous pasture. I feel like this is too good to be true, there’s no way this will last forever. After all, I was a throw away. I was like an old crumbled up piece of trash to my last owner.

One of the sweet ladies that saved me says she wants to adopt me and I will forever be hers. Oh how I wish this could be the fate of all the horses that are thrown away like me. I know these good people do the best they can to save us but they can’t do it on their own. Please help horses like me escape that nightmare and experience a dream of their own. Please don’t let that place or the men with evil in their eyes and money on their minds be the end of their story.

Please help us help horses like Phoenix in today’s blog.  Every horse deserves love and compassion, and you can make this story happen for other horses at the auction tomorrow.

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