Will you help save a horse from the slaughter pipeline?

The auction is in only two days and so far we have raised enough funds to rescue and care for 8 horses.  Our goal this month is to rescue 20 horses, but we can’t do that without your help!  When we go to this auction there is typically 100 horses.  Having to choose only 20 is hard, but we only rescue the ones we can responsibly rescue and care for, and purchase the horses that are in slaughter price that would be shipped to slaughter if we didn’t rescue them.  Slaughter price is often $500 or even more per horse.

Every horse that we rescue from the auction is seen by a veterinarian, given the care it needs including vaccinations, deworming, quality nutritional feed, and the best possible chance to find a loving home.  The alternative for horses at the auction is unthinkable: packed into a double decker, shipped to a feedlot, packed back onto a double decker, and hauled to Mexico for slaughter.  Won’t you please help us save horses from that horrible fate?  Please donate right now, every donation truly helps.

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