Urgent: Will you help us save these precious lives?

We were contacted about a horse a mule and a donkey who could end up in the slaughter pipeline if we do not act fast! The owner has to get rid of them ASAP! If we don’t act fast on this, a kill buyer could step in and get them and then it will be too late. Their owner will give them to us so we don’t have to raise money to purchase them but we do have to get them transported to our shelter and there are intake and care cost.  We have a transporter in route right now.
Here’s what we know about these animals that are at risk.
Horse – 7 year old, stallion. Has had at least two babies, halter trained.
Donkey – Female, possibly pregnant, has bad hooves, halter trained.
Mule – 2 years old, stallion, friendly but not halter trained.
Here’s the breakdown of the cost involved with rescuing these precious lives. Any donations are appreciated great or small it all adds up.
Transportation —————————- $250
Veterinarian Exam & Coggins Test – $100.00 x 3
Castration ——————————— $150.00 x 2
Vaccinations ——————————$75.00 x 3
Deworming ——————————–$12.00 x 3
Microchipping —————————– $20.00 x 3
Farrier —————————————$100.00 x 3
Training & Sheltering ——————- $250.00 a month x 3
(average stay of 60 days)
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Thank You For Your Support! Tawnee Preisner – Founder
Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, tax ID #20-1156396.
In the event a kill buyer gets there before we do, the donations will be used to rescue and care for other horses at risk in shipping to slaughter.