Intercepting Horses From Kill Buyers and More

We had a baby horse born at the shelter this morning, and he’s a boy!  He is extremely cute.  We rescued his mom, Annie, from a slaughter auction in April.  We didn’t know she was pregnant when we rescued her, but at our shelter it soon became quite apparent.  If you would like to help name the little guy, please go to our Facebook page and suggest a name: click here.

Last week we sent out a blog asking for donations to help rescue 3 precious lives that were in jeopardy of ending up in the slaughter pipeline.  Thanks to your fast action we were able to rescue them and they are doing great at our shelter.  The mule and the horse have been gelded, and the Molly the donkey is just a sweetheart.  Thanks to your support, all three of these have had vet care and have a very bright future.  This would not have been possible without your support.

This morning we sent out an urgent request on Facebook about a horse that was going to end up at a slaughter auction if we didn’t save her.  The owner wanted $450 for her, which is below what a kill buyer would pay at auction.  We were able to save her thanks to everyone who donated on Facebook.  She is now at our shelter and is absolutely gorgeous.  For years we have done auction rescues, and will continue to do so, but when given the opportunity, we want to save as many horses as we can before the kill buyers / horse traders get them.  Rescuing from auction is the last realistic step in saving horses from shipping to slaughter, but horses at auction often contract horrible diseases, and they go through a lot of needless stress at auction.  Rescuing them before they are sent to an auction is better for the horses.

We also rescued 5 other horses today.  They had been loose on this pasture for about 6 years, basically untouched, but the property was sold and they had to leave immediately.  Their owner reached out to us for help, and of course we said “Yes.”  We are an open door shelter, and do not turn horses away.  When people are told “No, we cannot help your horse,” it leaves them very few options, and kill buyers are the ones that profit.

After Jason and Tawnee picked them up, Tawnee made a video of their rescue while they were driving back to the shelter.  To watch the video, click here.

These 5 horses came in with absolutely no financial support, and it took over 4 hours of driving to get them to our shelter.  Any donations are greatly appreciated!

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