Sugar’s Spa Day

As soon as our volunteers arrived this morning they got busy cleaning things up. It wasn’t long before they spotted Sugar. Sugar came to us just yesterday as an owner surrender. Sugar was in need of a bath and the girls got right to work.

The girls started scrubbing her down and making her all nice and clean. She was loving every minute of it.

As you can tell she was also laughing at them. The more they cleaned the more she laughed.  She was really enjoying her bath!

As the girls were giving her a bath they realized her tail needed a lot of help. It wasn’t long before they realized that she had wires and other things tangled in it. They realized it wasn’t going to all come out, and sadly had to cut the nasty tangles out.

After getting the worst of it off the girls got busy cleaning up the rest. She looked so pretty when they were all finished.

One more rub down and some love before she was turned out.

To see the video that we made of her getting her spa day click here.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us rescue her. If you would like to help others in need please donate. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support. Thank you so very much!!

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