HELP! Look At Me!

Look At Me! When you look into my eyes what do you see?  Do you see the pain and abandonment I feel? I did everything right I thought, I served my owner with all my heart. I nickered at him every day when I saw him. I thought he cared about me. But this reality has hit me hard, he didn’t care! Now I stand here at a slaughter auction waiting for my fate to be sealed. Many of the horses around me are in such rough shape, some are sick, some are nothing but bones, some have open wounds and scrapes all over their bodies.  It is more horrible than you can imagine but it is my reality. Men walk past me and they look at me but they look at me like I have never been looked at before. They’re sizing me up as if to figure out how much they can make off of me at the slaughterhouse. I shudder, isn’t there anyone that cares? Do you care? Would you help me? ~ A horse in the slaughter pipeline

In one week we will be attending a slaughter auction and with your help, we can save horses that have no hope.  Nearly a hundred thousand horses are shipped out of the United States for slaughter every year, with your help we can make a difference to horses saving them from that horrible fate!

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