Sheriff Seizure – 12 Horses and Other Animals

We got a message Sunday morning on the business line.  It was the state vet asking for a call back.  That always means one thing: there are animals that need help.  I called her back and got the details.  It was a truly horrific case.  A person had gone to a property looking for someone, but they were not there.  There were a lot of animals on the property, and the person noticed two lambs in a pen.  One they thought was asleep.  The next day they came back to the property, and realized the “sleeping” lamb was still in the same place, dead, in the pen with the other lamb.  They called the Sheriff Department.  Law enforcement sprang into action quickly.  They removed over 30 dogs from the property, then called the state vet to examine the livestock.  That’s when we were contacted.  By Monday morning the Sheriff had a court order to seize and remove the animals and turn the livestock over to us.  I had two trucks and trailers there with our great rescue team.  We found the animals in a truly sad condition.  There was trash throughout the pens and boards with nails in them everywhere. The horses had been eating weeds to try and stay alive.  The younger horses in the herd of 12 were really suffering, one of the horses had passed away by the time the situation was found.  I believe the horse that died was a stallion.  One of the mares had a baby earlier this spring that only lived for a few days.  I took several pictures of the animals, you can see them at this link, click here.

I am so thankful we were able to rescue all of these precious lives and assist the Sheriff Department.  If we weren’t here to help, it’s hard to say what would have happened to them.  This emergency rescue fell right in the middle of our upcoming auction fundraiser, and I feel bad asking for help for these horses too, but we desperately need help as they came to us with absolutely no financial support and will require a long rehabilitation.  We are still planning on going to the auction tomorrow, but this unexpected rescue definitely put an unforseen financial hardship on our shelter that we were not expecting.  To watch a video of their rescue, click here.

I just want to thank you all so much for your support, you are the angels of mercy for these animals.  My team and I are the ones with our boots on the ground, but we can’t do it without you backing us up.  You are truly horses heroes, and I want to thank you so much for your support!  ~ Tawnee, President & Founder

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