Horse Plus Weekly Journal | 8/26 – 9/2/18

Please enjoy this weekly journal blog covering August 26 through September 2nd.

Sunday 8/26/2018 – We had some horses scheduled to be surrendered on Sunday.  We take appointments on Sunday’s for people who cannot come out during the week, and the schedule was full. We had a total of 7 horses surrendered through the day, two of which can be seen in the bottom right on the photo below. One of our EPAP partners, Todd Morrissey, came out to our shelter to help Kristen evaluate some of the new horses at our shelter. Todd decided to take Harmony (top photo) through the EPAP program so he can help her find her right home. Firefly was also adopted on Sunday, it was a great day.

Monday 8/27/2018 – Our team started their day off knowing it would be a busy one. A lot more horses were scheduled to be surrendered. By the end of the day 7 horses were surrendered by their owners and 4 were transferred to us from another shelter. They are all settling in well!

Tuesday 8/28/2018 – Tuesday was the slower day this week with Sugar and Reba being transported to their new homes. We always enjoy seeing horses adopted and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces.  This is our goal, take horses that need help, give them the help they need, and find them a great home!  These two horses were adopted into two separate great homes.

We also had a horse that was picked up and brought to our shelter that evening.  Now that more and more people know we are here to help horses and are open door, we are getting a lot of owner surrenders.  We are thankful that we are a safe option for horses who can no longer stay in their homes.  After all the work was done everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Wednesday 8/29/2018 – This was a farrier day!  We had two farriers come out and in seemingly no time at all they had 11 horses trimmed up!  Kristen was busy evaluating and training horses. One of the horses Kristen worked with was Pandora. Pandora has a lot of energy, she’s a mare in her early teens who needs someone to work with her consistently.

Thursday 8/30/2018 – We had some volunteers come out, and one of the chores on the volunteer list was cleaning the horse trailers. They worked really hard and made them look amazing!  We love when our volunteers come and help and we know that the horses enjoy the attention that they get.

Friday 8/31/2018 – Larry was adopted.  He is one of the donkeys who came to us from another organization.  They saved them from a bad situation, but couldn’t have them in their facility, so they transferred them to us.  Larry was an in-tact jack when he came to us, but we had him gelded and now he is a very sweet boy who has a great home.

Saturday Night 9/1/2018 – Someone forwarded a facebook post to us and we knew we had to help. A person saw Rosie in a field with her broken leg and took pictures and posted it to the internet asking for help.  It would be a 5+ hour round-trip drive and we didn’t even know if she was going to be there when we got there but we had to make sure that this baby horse was given the peace she so desperately needed. 


Sunday 9/2/2018 – First thing in the morning Jason and Tawnee headed out to make sure that Rosie was given peace.  Rosie’s owner knew she had a broken leg but didn’t do anything for her. When they arrived at the location, it took some time of hiking through huge pastures to find Rosie trapped in a dilapidated barn full of half fallen over panels and wood planks and boards.  We could tell she had been suffering quite some time. Her broken leg was infected and smelled terrible. We estimate that she suffered with her flopping broken leg for approximately a month. She had built-up muscle on the other shoulder to compensate for the broken leg. Through a long chain of events we were finally able to contact the owner and after a conversation he agreed to allow us to end her suffering. We are very thankful the person who drove by and saw Rosie did the right thing and brought awareness to this poor baby horse.  To see a video of Rosie, click here.

We need better laws for horses in Tennessee. Please sign our petition and help us change the future for abused horses in Tennessee: click here. We are nearly at 10,000 signatures, and we need to hit that mark so we can take the petition to Rep Shaw.  We over 16,000 people on our blog mailing list, so we know not everyone has signed.  Please do so!

Thank you so much for your support of our rescue and sheltering efforts!  We couldn’t do it without you!

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