The arrivals and cute little…

Fall is Just Around the Corner – It is Time to “Fall” in Love with your Right Horse!  All adoption fees will be waived for available horses, all horses will be microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and have current negative Coggins. Learn More: Click Here.

Blog: We have been pretty busy and just wanted to share it with you. We had baby pigs born earlier this month and we couldn’t resist taking cute pictures of them. They will be going to their new home along with their mom soon. We are an open door shelter and will take any farm animal in need. We are so happy to have been able to experience this and watch them grow. We hope they love their new home.

We had some Girls Scouts contact us to see if they could come out and volunteer and of course we said yes. They watered and fed the horses and groomed some of them. While grooming they fell in love with the one below and would have taken him home if they could. We are always so happy when young people want to make a difference and are eager to learn.

Kristen has been very busy starting the young horses under saddle. The horses are learning fast and it is fun to watch them learn and grow in experience. If you haven’t seen Senna’s video please click here. Senna is a young mustang and is still a little scared but learning quickly. If you are interested in adopting her please email

Earlier this week we got a call from a Sheriffs Department that was in need of some help. They had three horses that needed to be seized and wondered if we could help. We are always there for the Sheriff Departments all over Tennessee and are always eager to help. The next morning Kristen headed out to see what she could do.  She, along with the Sheriff, was able to help these three horses in need and we are happy they are safe and getting the care that they need. If you ever see an animal in need don’t hesitate to call your local Sheriff Department.

Annie and Denim were saying their goodbyes as they were loading up to go with an EPAP Trainer.  They are going to get the training they both need and will be available for adoption soon. We will miss them both but know that they will find their forever home soon, along with 7 other horses. This was a busy day as we had 4 horses come in and 10 leave but we love days like this. Everyone gets the love and care that they need and deserve.

Kristen was contacted later last week by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. They were in need of some help and we were happy to be there for them. This week we have gotten 14 Standardbreds and Kristen got right to work. Below she is working with a horse on his ground manners and was able to ride him around.

Honey was having fun poking her head through the fence watching Kristen. She is a funny little girl and wants to thank you so much for your support. Thanks to you she is getting the love, care, and training she deserves. There are many horses like her in need and we are thankful for people like you that help us do what we do.


Thank you so much for your support and we hope that you have a wonderful day! If you would like to help with our mission of mercy, please click on the donate button below. Again, thank you so very much!

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