From the Slaughter Pipeline to a Unicorn

We have rescued thousands of horses from the slaughter pipeline.  When we meet these horses at auction they look so pitiful and sad, heartbroken, as if they know it’s the end of the line.  One such horse we met was Liberty.  At the auction we looked into his face and we saw no hope in his eyes.   Thanks to the support from a donor, Gail, we were able to rescue Liberty from that slaughter auction.

At our shelter Liberty settled in with the other horses we rescued from auction in a quarantine pasture.  We didn’t know what his future would hold, but we were going to do everything in our power to give him a bright future.  We didn’t know just how bright it was going to get…

His adopter has a photography business and it wasn’t long after he was adopted that she decided he would be the perfect Unicorn.  Since he loves being around people, this is the perfect job for him!  The photos are so adorable and stunning!  Liberty does have a few dark speckles, but with a little photo touchup he looked perfectly white.  With a purple tail.

The neat thing is, Liberty is a great ambassador to all the girls who come to get their photoshoot with a unicorn.  Here is a horse that was thrown away into the slaughter pipeline like he was worthless, like a piece of trash.  Now, thanks to people just like you who support our rescue efforts, he is living a magical life with a princess around almost every hay bale.

We know we can’t make stories like this from every horse we rescue, but every horse we rescue is so precious in their own way.  This Tuesday we are going to an auction, and with your support, we can save horses just like Liberty and give them a bright future too!

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