19 Horses Saved From the Slaughter Pipeline

Thanks to an outpouring of generous support from people just like you, we were able to save 19 precious lives at the auction last night! If we did not save them, most likely all of them would have continued down the slaughter pipeline.  The auction got over very late, so first thing this morning our team was there doing intake photos.  This is the skinny gelding that was seen on our Facebook page last night.  We are so happy we were able to save him!

This precious baby is a horse no one wanted.  She is not even 2 years old yet, but she is blind in one eye, skinny and malnourished.  The kill buyers didn’t even bid on her.  We saved her life for a mere $15.  She has had a very rough start to her life, but she is safe now.

Soon all the horses were loaded up in different trailers and headed to our shelter.  It’s always a challenge making sure each horse is riding with other horses they like, but our team is very experienced and they all loaded with no trouble.

They were very happy when the trailer doors opened at our shelter and they could get out onto solid ground again.  They are such beautiful horses, and now they have a bright and beautiful future ahead of them.

The horses then went through the intake process, receiving vaccinations, deworming, height, weight, microchipping, the list goes on.  This is the precious baby that was sold for $15.  Her mane was so matted with stickers that it mostly had to be cut off.

Once the intake was done the horses went into their different quarantine pens.  You may notice a green tag in their manes, that is an ID tag we are using to help us identify horses in the pens and pastures.

It was neat watching them explore the pasture and pens.  You could see the realization set in that they are safe now.

‘They are safe to relax and graze, just being a horse.  All of these horses will be in quarantine for some time before they are evaluated and put into the adoption program.  We will post all the horses on our Facebook page and ask for name suggestions on Thursday.  To meet them all and suggest names, click here.

Again, we cannot thank each person enough who donated to make this auction rescue possible, changing the lives of each of these precious horses.

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